What kind of work do you do in the lab?
I do all of the bench-top work in the Michaelson Lab. This includes work with human DNA, RNA, and brain tissue. I perform varying assays with the final goal being preparing a sample that can be sent to sequencing. 

As the only person working in the wet-lab full time, which of your projects are you the most exited about? 
As much as I love our tried-and-true protocols that perform as expected, I really enjoy trying new assays, and the trial and error process of getting them to work efficiently and to give us results. With that said, I am most excited about the single nuclei RNA-sequencing project we have undertaken. It involves fluorescently staining postmortem neurons and gliai so we can separate individual cells and can then capture the transcriptome from the nucleus. It's new and exciting and involves a fair amount of new techniques for me, which I actually love to learn and teach to my undergraduate researchers as well. 

What originally attracted you to the Michaelson Lab?
When I first looked into the lab, I was impressed by the breath of research topics Jake and his lab had undertaken. That has only grown since I got here, and it's quite exciting, specially at lab meeting, to hear what everyone is working on, and how it all relates to each other. 

What is you favorite place to travel to? 
Sri Lanka, always.

Favorite pipette? 
If I had to pick, p200. So versatile. 

70% or 80% ethanol? 
Good question. I air on the side of caution and go with 70%. 

Two truths and a lie!
1) I have worked with my own DNA
2) I really like running outside especially in the winter
3) I have a black cat named Thunder. 

What's your favorite Drake song? 
I do love "Nice for What", but "Headlines" has been a fav for a long time. 

* #2 is the lie