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Dr. Michaelson spent some time in Scotland last month! He presented some recent research findings at the World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics Conference 2018 in Glasgow, Scotland. After the great experience at WCPG he had this to say about the experience, plus some future research directions:
Natalie is a Clinical Research Assistant in the lab who has been critical to the success of SPARK. We took some time this week to get to know her a little better. Click here to read more about Natalie.
Aleha Bate, in her final year of undergrad, has been with the lab over a year now. Read on for our first undergraduate researcher spotlight!


Did you know that autism was first described by Dr. Leo Kanner in 1943? He reported on 11 children who showed a marked lack of interest in other people, but a highly unusual interest in the inanimate environment. 

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