Why did you originally want to join the Michaelson Lab? 
I originally wanted to join the Michaelson Lab because I had an interest in research and ASD. I have a nephew who has been diagnosed with ASD and this lab piqued my interest because of its partnership with SPARK.

You primarily work on recruitment for SPARK. How has what you have learned in your course work intersected with what we do here?
 I am a psychology major and ASD has been noted throughout most of my psychology courses. It has been interesting to see the symptoms and treatments noted in textbooks in a clinical setting. Overall, my coursework has helped better prepare me on my interactions with families, as well as understand what SPARK's goal is and why it is so important to research ASD.

Two truths and a lie!
I am a polyglot
I am originally from Washington State
I have 6 nieces and nephews and another one coming in March







(#1 is the lie, I only speak two languages)