Talk to me about your project here.
I primarily coordinate our Iowa branch of the nationwide autism genetics research study, SPARK. In the outreach and recruitment process across Iowa, I get to meet lots of really wonderful families in the autism community. Motivated in part by the struggles that families go through, I’m currently working on a research project through SPARK that asked families more in detail about any eating, sleeping, and/or gastrointestinal problems they might have. The data from this study should help us figure out if a person’s genetics indicate whether they’ll have problems with these things!

 What initially attracted you to the Michaelson Lab?
I did research as an undergraduate, but it was mostly with other students as our participants. I wanted to get more direct experience working with clinical populations, and I also have a strong interest in variables that could increase risks for multiple mental disorders, such as genetics. 

What kind of research do you see yourself doing in the future?  
I’m currently applying to Clinical Psychology PhD programs. I plan to dive deeper into researching evidence-based practices for the prevention and intervention of mental disorders, while also partnering closely with the community I’m in to inform my research and promote scientifically sound practice.

Two truths and a lie.
I have a minor in Studio Art
I’ve never been outside the United States 
I can’t live without coffee or my planner

#2 is the lie - I’ve been to 3 other countries/continents (so far!)