Undergraduate Research Assistant
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Bari has had a passion for the autism community for as long as she can remember. One of her closest friends is on the spectrum and throughout grade school she spent as much time with him as she could, whether that be eating lunch together or attending his speech therapy sessions every Monday. She ultimately decided to major in speech and hearing because of her interest in working with individuals who have autism. She loves all of the special quirks and kind-hearted nature people on the spectrum exhibit. To the best of her ability, she yearns to provide a voice for those struggling to advocate for themselves. Her time working in the Michaelson Lab has given her the opportunity to interact with the community she cherishes, while also working towards a goal of better understanding those with autism. When she is not immersed in her academics or working at the lab, she practices hot yoga, bakes treats with her roommates, and re-watches “The Office” for the hundredth time. She cannot wait to see what SPARK has in store for her the rest of her undergraduate career!