Clinical Research Assistant
Medical Laboratories B030
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Cate graduated from the University of Missouri in May of 2019 with a BS in Health Sciences and a Psychology minor.

Just like any twenty-something year old, she had her fair share of jumping from one career aspiration to another. After a handful of trials and errors, she landed on her current path, steering her attention towards developmental psychology her junior year of undergrad. Cate worked with children during most of her teenage years – as a camp counselor, babysitter, nanny, lifeguard, etc. Through these experiences, she saw how many children struggle with daily difficulties due to a condition/disability and could use a helping hand. She aims to be one of these helping hands as she furthers her education and knowledge through graduate school, research, and good ole’ experiences.

She and her Bernese Mountain Dog absolutely love snow, so they were thrilled to move 4 hours North when Cate joined the Michaelson Lab. She also has a collection of three cats, so her life is fur-filled to say the least.