Undergraduate Research Assistant
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Julie is a Junior at the University, originally from New Hampshire.  Being a part of a Big 10 family and having cousins who attended Iowa eventually led her here.  Her hobbies include hiking, skiing, and almost any other outdoorsy activity!

She has been interested in the medical field from a young age.  A career focused on improving peoples’ lives using science, medicine, and collaboration led her to becoming a Pre-PA student at the University.  As a member of the lab, she has the ability to reach out to families and provide them with the ability to make a difference in autism research.  She has been exposed to the complexity of disorders, diagnoses, and all of the work that goes into developing treatments.  Not only has she realized how much is currently understood about medicine, but how much there still remains to be discovered.  She believes these experiences will remain relevant as she progresses into her healthcare career.