Medical Laboratories B030

Graduated May 2017 from the University of Notre Dame with a BS in Neuroscience & Behavior and a minor in Studio Art

Natalie has long been fascinated by how the human brain works, how/when it doesn't work as well, and all of the many parts of our environments that influence these two things. With such a broad field of interest, it's taken her some time, but she feels that she has a pretty good idea of how she wants to progressĀ in her future research career: she plans to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology to research how aspects of mental health and illness that affect all of us (e.g., genetics, stress, food, creativity) can be translated into evidence-based treatment practices and communicated to the public. While she's not preparing for grad school applications or at work, Natalie likes to explore Iowa City's running trails, knit, and learn the ropes of being a first-time dog owner for her Corgi, Pockets!