Clinical Research Assistant
Medical Laboratories B030
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Taylor graduated from Carroll University in 2018 with dual BS degrees in Biology and Psychology and minors in Biochemistry and Professional Writing. She is currently attendingĀ graduate school for Speech-Language Pathology.

Although Taylor's original career aspirations were in wildlife rehabilitation, her experiences with her sister, an adult on the autism spectrum, inspired her to change fields. Today, she aims to better the lives of individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders by contributing to the creation and validation of novel diagnostic tools and more tailored interventions. Her role as a SPARK Study Coordinator allowed her to help bridge the biological underpinnings of autism with their clinical implications, which has further fostered these interests. These personal and professional experiences have motivated Taylor to pursue her current role as a Graduate Student Clinician for Speech-Language Pathology. A few of Taylor's favorite non-academic things are based in her Wisconsin roots: She loves watching football (Go Pack Go!), fishing, and kayaking. She often hikes with her rescue mutt, a German Shorthaired Pointer mix named Milo.