Trevor Jackson

Trevor is a 4th year undergraduate student pursuing a BA in viola performance on the pre-medicine track. He joined the lab to gain experience in computational research methods and to study language in neurodiverse populations. Outside the lab, Trevor can be seen working out, going on runs, reading a book, or playing chess.  

Juliann Pawlowski

Juliann Pawlowski is from Plainfield, Illinois and is currently a sophomore studying biomedical engineering. She joined the Michelson lab in January 2023 because of her profound interest in understanding what makes a person unique. In the lab, she puts the skills she learns in her classes to use with real life data, with hopes of contributing work to unraveling and improving the world of science!  

Sayedeh Iravani

Sayedeh is a third-year undergrad pursuing a BA in Psychology. She joined the Michaelson Lab to gain mechanical skills, factual knowledge, and experience thinking scientifically. She has a passion for understanding neuropsychological disorders.

Outside of academics, she enjoys reading nonfiction books and trying new Kombucha flavors.

Shannon McCleary

Shannon is an undergraduate research assistant and is currently getting a B.A. in Psychology with two certificates: Public Health and Resilience and Trauma-Informed perspectives. In the lab Shannon is learning about data management and computer programming.

Julia Oakland

Julia Oakland is an undergraduate Biology major on the Genetics and Biotechnology Track. Julia is interested in studying the human genome and plans to use her experience in the lab to aid her in a future career in genetics.

Ava Russ

Ava is a first-year undergraduate student studying chemistry on the pre-med track. She joined the Michaelson lab because she has a passion for genetics, specifically the heritability of intelligence. Outside of the lab, she can be found crocheting, looking at the stars, and annoying her dogs.

Courtney Ries

Courtney joined the lab in September 2021. She is a senior pursuing a BA in Biology with minors in Computer Science and Dance. 

In addition to preparing DNA samples for sequencing and generally managing the wet lab, she is investigating the NMR and MRI signatures of gene expression in the brain. She has also worked on a variety of computational projects in the past.