Taylor Thomas

Taylor graduated from Iowa State University in May 2017 with a BS in Genetics. She joined the lab in May 2019 as a graduate student pursuing her PhD in Genetics. She researched the genetics of the sex bias and enrichment for gender variance in autism, and is now pursuing post-graduate work in Boston!

Ashlyn Smith

Ashlyn majored in Cell and Developmental Biology at UIowa and decided to join the Michelson Lab after seeing the positive impact they have made within the ASD community. Currently, she is working at the University of Illinois Chicago.

Emma Schmudlach

Emma Schmudlach majored in speech and hearing science with a certificate in disability studies when she was a student here at UIowa, and is currently a speech-language pathology graduate student at The University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Madison Trog

Maddy is from Minnesota and graduated from Winona State University in 2020 with her BA in Psychology and a minor in Spanish. 

Maddy's love for research began when she was an undergraduate research assistant for 2 years in college where she researched fetal alcohol syndrome presented in mice. 

In her free time, Maddy likes to travel (shes been to 13 countries!!), spend time outdoors, play violin and read. Maddy is currently attending graduate school at UIowa for School Psychology.

Sydney Kramer

Sydney graduated from the University of North Dakota with her BS in Psychology and a minor in Biology. She helped coordinate SPARK recruitment efforts during her time as a research assistant, and also researched the relationship between creativity and psychopathology. 

Sydney is currently in graduate school studying psychiatric and behavioral genetics. In her free time, Sydney enjoys traveling, baking and listening to podcasts.

Ben Tysseling

Ben Tysseling graduated from the University of Iowa in 2019, majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Spanish. He started working in the lab as an RA in the beginning of Fall 2019 and went on to work part time at the lab as a web application developer. Ben went on to work as a software engineer after his time in the Michealson Lab. 

Brady Hoskins

Brady Hoskins majored in Computer Science with a minor in Military Science and certificate in Large Data Analysis at the University of Iowa. Brady joined the Michaelson Lab to gain experience in machine learning and deep learning using various types of genetic data from images to amino acid sequences. He worked on modeling protein-protein interactions related to ASD using deep learning models in the lab. Currently, he is working as a Data Scientist with a concentration in predictive modeling in healthcare.